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Big Splash

  • Sharp Looking.  Its vivid, colorful graphics draw lots of attention.

  • Reliable and Simple to Operate.  Drawing from our years of experience manufacturing equipment for the rental industry, we’ve created an intelligent design that is exceptionally user-friendly.

  • It uses a standard garden hose.

  • Easy to Transport with its attached dolly wheels.

  • Fun for Everyone.  The Big Splash creates a fun event which is inclusive of all, including the disabled, seniors, children, larger people, etc.  Anyone who can sit under the bucket can participate.

  • Easy to Rent.  With the purchase of a Big Splash, we provide images and exciting video clips for use in your marketing efforts.

  • A Perfect Fund-Raiser.  Pastors, teachers, politicians, police officers, fire fighters, coaches -- just about anyone is willing to get wet for a good cause.  Just as our Easy Dunker dunk tank has raised millions for various charities over the years, the Big Splash is destined to do the same.

Riders at a time

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