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Our  20' x 30' WOW pool comes complete with a and 4 inflatable hamster, wow, balls. We can provide staff members to operate the water walking balls for an additional cost.   

This game is perfect for summer events. This is a real crowd pleaser and great for all age groups. This is the perfect game for teen parties, schools, city events and churches. 

This water walking ball pool rental comes complete with 4 water walking balls and inflatable pool. Customer to provide water (approx 5,460 gallons) to fill the pool. 

 You must have proper drainage or a large enough area to contain all the water at the end of the event because the pool water just dumps out at the end of the event. If your unsure about drainage or need to have the water pumped out please contact us.    

The inflatable pool will take approx. 8 to 12 hours to fill with water depending on water pressure and other items. This water walking ball rental requires a very flat level area to set up and all the water will be dumped out at the end of the event.    

20 X 30 WOW pool


Riders at a time

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