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Online scores

Game scores are automatically uploaded to a customer-facing web page. Your customers simply log in, and can see the full game details and scores. With a click of a button, they can share those scores on Facebook and Twitter, which also promotes your company. If no internet is available during the game, scores are automatically uploaded the next time you connect to the internet.


Our   equipment

Weighing in at less than a pound, our equipment is comfortable and easy to carry. The light weight means younger players will be able to use them without any trouble.You can hit other players from over 650 feet (200m) away, even in full sunlight.A good sensor is important for a player’s game play experience. Many Laser Tag systems use vests that are bulky and hard to hit. Other systems only have a sensor inside the gun. This makes it easy for players to hide the gun behind their back so no one can hit them. Sunband sensor. The Sunband sensor can detect a laser tag shot from very far distances in full sunlight while remaining lightweight and adjustable for any size head. 

Why laser tag ?

laser tag is a fun game and should be thought of as just that laser tag can be played anywhere. it is fun for all ages and safe unlike paintball or airsoft. laser tag has no projectile to be shot at opponent. Our equipment use a laser much like the one your television remote has. laser tag is a good way to get the kids out and exercising or maybe just getting friends the together the possibilities are endless. All of our equipment can also be used indoors. What better way to get the party excitement to its peek we deliver the fun set you up and let you go! our equipment is very easy to use so the game can start right away no leg time . rent today ! 


Ammo box!

Add tactical depth to your Steradian Laser Tag games with the ability to replenish ammo supplies, either at a base or by going to a player carrying this compact infrared device.

Medic box!


A fun addition to your laser tag game! Designate a player as a Medic, and send him out with a Medic Box! Simply aim the medic box at a player who’s been tagged out, and press the button to revive them! Set how many revives you want to allow in a game to keep things challenging.


Laser tag grenade!

Laser tag grenade, hits guns within a 30 foot diameter.See that guy behind the tree? You’ve got him pinned down, but you can’t hit him? No problem! Pull out your scorpion, pull the chain, count to three, and throw!

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