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The Chimera Target can also be worn! Designed for laser tag haunts, actors dressed as zombies or other monsters wear a chest mounted target. When players shoot the actor, it vibrates, letting the actor know to act hurt. The Chimera target is magnetically mounted to the harness for easy setup.This target weight is only 5 ounces therefore not overy bulky In addition to enabling new, exciting game types, the Chimera Target offers the ability to play laser tag with fewer players! Since the Chimera Target can be added to any standard game, players can focus on building up their score by trying to find active targets and shoot them for score before anybody else gets to them. So if you only have 2 players show up, they can still have fun, working for points while trying to fend off the competition.


Chimera Laser Tag Target

target is a wonderful way to add fun to a game use it for many styles of game modes or for ZOMBIES! or just target practice!

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